Great a Perfect Complexion

1 CLEANSE: Remove impurities by applying your cleansing cream onto a cotton pad and wiping face clean, rinse well with water and blot dry.
2 PREP: Smooth and moisturize with No Worries Cosmetics Oil-Free Moisturizer to help nourish and prepare skin for your foundation.
PRIME & PROTECT: Apply No Worries Cosmetics BB Cream this multi-tasking tinted cream formula moisturizes, primes, perfects, controls oil, and protects for flawless skin. Our BB Cream gives skin a glowing look and provides a hydrating veil for the complexion to maintain moisture. With its ultra smoothing finish, it instantly re-texturizes to create a smooth canvas and enhances the wear of makeup. Ideal even for oily complexions, this unique formula helps inhibit oil to prevent the complexion from getting shiny throughout the day without the typical chalky matte finish. protect your skin and create the perfect canvas for makeup application and extend foundation wear.
4 APPLY: Use No Worries Cosmetics No Sweat Foundation, blended with 4 drops of  No Worries Cosmetics Magic Drops into a a lightweight, cream foundation that melts onto skin, diffuses and scatters light to help minimize skins imperfections and evens tone for a gorgeous natural complexion.
5 PERFECT: Dab No Worries Cosmetics No Sweat Foundation onto trouble spots to help camouflage dark circles and imperfections. 
6 SET: Using No Worries Cosmetics No Colour Powder, hold your foundation in place, blends in fine lines and wrinkles Ensures smudge-resistance, and enhances long lasting wearability. For use with all skin tones.