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Jill Turnbull’s No Worries Salon & Cosmetics is a boutique company that offers highly specialized personalized beauty services.

Using the purest products owner Jill Turnbull, who since 1976 has a true passion for giving guests a unique individual beauty experience through unwavering enthusiasm and creativity.

Turnbull’s vision to make each guest enhance their natural beauty, when it comes to, well, pretty much everything beauty, Turnbull knows best.

Providing exceptional services in a laid back, relaxing and cozy setting creating a classy and fabulous haircut and colour the one that looks good on you.

Turnbull uses KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME hair colour which is a vision of fusing session work, fashion and hair colour.

Natural looking results and optimum colour functionality, an artful blend of gentle and “from the earth” ingredients naturally moisturize, rejuvenate and impart incredible shine without having to further compromise the environment.

Working on photo shoots and fashion shows has allowed the cross over to sophisticated runway ready finishing, styling & makeup work whether for a bride on her wedding day or for the latest trend for any of life’s special events when you need that extra touch of elegance.

At No Worries Salon & Cosmetics, our vision is to bring each guest’s individual needs with one-on-one consultation we use only the purest sources ingredients in our beauty products.

Let us transform your vision of beauty into a stylish timeless look  just for you!